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Samples of vacations courtesy of Empire Express, and somethings we heard being said about us!

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"I was unable to group book with the rest of my family for my sister's wedding in Jamaica because I was not guaranteed the time off from work. Turn out when I finally got the time off, all the good deals were gone! I had just about given up any thought of going when I came across a faxed flyer, cheekily advertising this hidden gem of a travel agency. I had nothing to lose, gave them a call, and ended up paying a lot less than I would have on my family's original group booking! My kids and I had a whale of a time! And, apparently since Jamaica is one of their doamins, arrangements were made for a driver personally known to them to do my transfers from Montego Bay to Negril for the wedding!...Way to go Empire".....Samantha F.

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"Having gone into private practice for just over a year, I was fast approaching burn out and desperately needed a break. I could only afford three days off, and had to get away in quick time with my family. My wife's search on the internet proved exhaustive and futile. Out of frustation she googled area travel agencies...as luck would have it, we picked Empire Express, and were left wondering, how did they make it all come together so easily? Our agent was very knowlegable and informed about her recommendation for us...well I guess, that is what true professionalism is all about!"....Dr Jerome S

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Humour Masks

If Airlines Sold Paint

Customer: Hi, how much is your paint? Clerk: Well Sir, that depends on a lot of things. Customer: Can't u give an approx. price? Clerk: Our lowest price is our introductory special @ $12/gal. After that we have dozens of different prices up to $199. Customer: What's the difference in the quality of the paint? Clerk: Oh, there's no difference. It's all exactly the same stuff. Customer: Well in that case I'll take ur $12 paint. Clerk: Well actually the $12 variety is only available on our website. If U want to buy it here in store u'll be charged an additional $20 Customer Convenience Fee. Customer: So if I go home & get it off the website, its only $12? Clerk: That's correct Sir, plus a Credit Card Usage Fee of $6, & there's a standard Shipping & Handling of $15.

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