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Spotlight On Ocho Rios Ocho Rios Harbour

Jamaica's natural beauty is no where more evident than in Ocho Rios, a place where heaven spills into the sea. Frolicking vegetation laden hills transcend gently to white sandy coves, lapped and caressed by the warm turquoise water of the Caribbean sea.

Located on the north coast, some 90 miles south of Cuba, and only a stone's throw from Columbus' point of entry, Ocho Rios is in constant motion and abuzzed with activity, featuring craft markets, Duty-free & In Bond stores, elegant resturants and cafes, lounges, taverns and pulsating night clubs!

The most famous sight in Ocho Rios and perhaps all of Jamaica, is undoubtedly Dunn's River Falls...600 feet of photographic cascading falls that offers an exhilarating climb through warm rushing water.

Ocho Rios' serene and tranquil side is reflected in its exotic and lush gardens...Fern Gully, an old river bed come road though a tropical rainforest hosting every known species of Fern; Coyaba Gardens (from Arawak for "paradise"); Cranbrook Flower Forest, and the picturesque Shaw Park Gardens offer unquestionable evidence in this regard.

Other not to be missed features include, horse back riding & Polo playing at nearby Prospect Plantation and Chukka Cove respectively, new attractions - Rainforest Bobsledding at Mystic Mountain & swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove, and white river tubing.

Ocho Rios' elegant side is revealed in such attractions as Firely and Goldeneye, former homes of famed British playwright Noel Coward, and writer Ian Flemming of James Bond fame, respectively.

With it's unique mix of serinity and excitement, Ocho Rios is a must visit, either as a cruise port of call or a vacation stop.....and you just have to go to know!

Dunn's River Falls

The Name Game

At first thought, one would be led to believe that Ocho Rios is so named as a literal translation for "Eight Rivers". Since the area does not infact have eight rivers, a more plausible belief is the term is a curruption of Las Chorreras - Spanish for "rapids", akin to the waterfalls of Dunn's River.